USU Transition Specialist Program

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Program Highlights

  • 40 semester credit program
  • 11 courses (many with field-based assignments)
  • Two semester-length field-based practica
  • Final research project: thesis or creative project
  • Interdisciplinary program between special education and rehabilitation counseling

About the Transition Specialist Program

The Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Utah State University is offering a M.S. or M.Ed. in Special Education with a concentration in Transition from School to Adulthood. The program prepares special education teachers licensed at the bachelor's level and other eligible graduate students to (a) provide transition services preparing individuals with disabilities for adult living, and (b) support and monitor individuals with disabilities in post-secondary education and supported/competitive employment. Students take "core" masters courses along with transition-related courses. Three courses allow students pursuing special education degrees to work alongside students working towards rehabilitation counseling degrees, thus allowing an interdisciplinary experience. Graduates of this program are specialists who can assist young adults with disabilities towards self-sufficiency and independence as contributing citizens of communities.


Disciplines represented in coursework include general and special education, vocational rehabilitation, vocational education, and adult education.


Standards and competencies upon which course syllabi are based include CEC Professional Standards and DCDT Transition Specialist Competencies.


Specific measures of student growth in knowledge and
skills include observation, written assignments, practicum grades, and thesis or creative projects.


We anticipate increased post-school outcomes, strengthened transition service delivery and coordination, and increased appreciation for evidence-based practice.